What are Stars?

The Stars

Stars are huge balls of glowing gas in the sky. The sun is the only star close enough to Earth to look like a large ball to us. The other stars are so far away that they look like tiny dots of light.

Stars may look close, but they are actually very far away – much further from Earth than the planets are. The nearest star to us, after the sun, is so far away that it takes more than four years for its light to reach us! Some stars are so far away that their light takes billions of years to reach us. That twinkle of light you see in the sky tonight may have been given off before Earth existed!

How many stars are there? Scientists believe that there are about 10 billion trillion stars in the universe. To understand how large a number this is, imagine that all the people in the world had to count an equal number of stars one by one. Each person would have to count more than 1 1/2 trillion stars. And, even if you could count 1,000 stars per second for 24 hours a day, you would need 50 years to count 1 1/2 trillion stars!

Where do stars go during the day? They don’t go anywhere. Our daytime sky is so bright, we just can’t see them.

Picture Credit : Google

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