All children should have food to eat, a safe place to live, good medical care, and an education. These are called rights. A family helps protect its children’s rights.

The biggest “family” in the world is the United Nations, or UN for short. The UN makes rules to protect the rights of everyone in the world’s family. If people somewhere are being mistreated or denied food, safety, shelter, or freedom, the UN can step in to help them.

The UN members include nearly every country in the world. At the UN headquarters in New York City, leaders from those countries work together to keep peace in the world.

The world family plays together too. Athletes from around the world compete in sports at the Olympic Games every two years. The winter games happen one year, and then, two years later, it’s time for the summer games.

The world is filled with different races, different religions, and different ways of life. When the different people get together to solve problems or play sports, they learn to respect each other, help each other, and be friends.


Picture Credit : Google