What is called the devilfish?

Manta rays are also known as devilfish, even though they are harmless and feed on plankton. They are the largest of all rays, at seven metres across. They flap their huge fins like wings, which makes them look as if they’re flying slowly and gracefully through the water.

Is it true? A sawfish has ‘teeth’ on its snout.

Yes. Sawfish and saw sharks have long sharp snouts studded with teeth, like a saw. They use their snouts to dig in the mud for food and to slash at other fish. The six types of sawfish belong to the same group as rays.

Which fish can shock?

The electric ray has special electric organs just behind its head. It gives off bursts of electricity to defend itself or to stun the fish it feeds on.

Amazing! Rays and skates may look very different from sharks, but they are closely related. They all have gill slits instead of gill covers and skeletons made of rubbery cartilage.

What has a sting on its tail?

Stingrays have poisonous spines on their whip-like tails. Some have one poisonous spine, others have several. They lie on the seabed with only their eyes and tail showing.

Picture Credit : Google