What are postal vans used for?

A mail truck, post truck, mail van, post van or mail lorry is a type of delivery vehicle that is used to distribute for posting the mail.

Mail delivery was not exempt from the Department’s modernization plans. Just as massive increases in mail volume demanded changes in how it was processed and sorted, it also brought to light the need to help letter carriers deliver all that mail. Historically, improvements in mail transportation had been focused on moving mail between cities or post offices. With carriers burdened down as never before with their daily deliveries, getting mail to people’s homes had to be examined for changes and upgrades. The Post Office Department stated that “If the public is to get fast, dependable mail service, every method of transportation must be used in its proper sphere and adapted to changing times and to our great population growth.” The Department thus looked into various modes of transportation for moving the mail, such as three-wheeled scooters for delivery, and helicopters, and even missiles, for moving mail from place to place.


Picture Credit : Google