What are picture signs?

Today, a plane can take you quickly to any place in the world. But, what if you don’t speak the language of the people there? Don’t worry. Countries around the world use picture signs.

In Afghanistan, some roads are for cars and trucks and others are for camels and donkeys. Drivers from other countries can tell which road is which by picture signs. Almost anyone can understand where to go.

Signs with simple drawings of cars, people, and objects instead of words are easy to “read” even if you can’t read at all.

You read picture signs every day. What do a fork, knife, and spoon on a road sign mean? What does a bed on a sign mean? Have you seen animal-crossing signs for deer, horses, or cows? What is the symbol for a school crossing? How do signs say “School Zone,” or “Deer Crossing”? What signs tell you that toilets and telephones are nearby? Do you know the sign for a playground? The sign for a library?


Picture Credit : Google