When it comes to reptiles, there is none deadlier than the saltwater crocodile. Reaching lengths of 2 metres and weights of 1,000 kgs, this apex water predator is the largest of all reptiles found on Earth. Saltwater crocodiles are hyper-carnivorous, opportunistic predators that will eat anything that they can get their jaws on!

They appear lethargic as they bask on riverbanks or float motionless in the water but are capable of lightning-fast strikes at unsuspecting victims. They usually drag their prey into the water. Armed with a lethal bite which is among one of the most powerful in the world, there is no escaping once a ‘saltie’ latches onto a hapless victim.

Unlike other crocodiles who are confined to river systems, this crocodile fares very well in the open seas as well. They are able to travel long distances on ocean currents and learn to track the migratory route of their prey with very little prior conditioning. They are known to be very aggressive towards humans and are more likely than other types of crocodile to treat humans as prey.

Picture Credit : Google 

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