What are crater chains?

Sometimes crater-lets occur in linear series which gives the impression that it is a cleft. The Huygens cleft, for example, is not a genuine cleft but actually a crater chain.










What are lunar rays?

Lunar rays appear as lines, more or less straight, drawn on the surface of the Moon. They are also called bright rays since they usually appear as brilliant white streaks. The rays however become invisible when close to the terminator.

Also, the rays are not continuous and when observed closely are seen to possess a definite structure. How they came to be formed has however still not been satisfactorily explained.










What is a lunar plateau?

A lunar plateau is a crater in which the volcanic lava that filled the crater during its formation has not drained out or subsided but has solidified. The best known example is the Wargentin plateau where the true floor is hidden, and the top of the plateau is really the surface of the solidified lava lake which in some areas even reaches to the top of the surrounding crater wall.