Who was Qin Shih Huang Di?

          Qin Shih Huang Di was the first emperor of China. He used his power and influence to standardize Chinese customs, beliefs, and political practices. Shih Huang Di created a system for standardizing weights and measures. He also modernized the language, and introduced a codified set of laws. A powerful army and loyal group of officials were his strength.

          Shih Huang Di made improvements in Chinese infrastructure like building new roads, canals etc., to make transportation easier. The beginning of the construction of the Great Wall of China was also undertaken during his reign.

          Hundreds of thousands of labourers were forcibly put to work, to control the flow of rivers and to lay 6800 kilometres of roads. He introduced round coins, with holes in the middle, so people could carry them by threading them on to a string.

          Shih Huang Di has also caused much destruction within China when he burned a large portion of the ancient philosophical writings.