How deep are lunar craters?

Lunar craters can be several kilometers deep. The crater Newton near the South Pole is so deep that it could almost accommodate Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth.

What are lunar craters actually?

Lunar craters are circular in shape with raised walls and sunken floors. They are not the conventional type of craters and are more in the nature of walled depressions.

How large are lunar craters?

Lunar craters vary vastly in size from tiny craters to huge walled plains hundreds of kilometers wide.

How were the lunar craters formed?

It is believed the lunar craters were formed partly by volcanic action (when part of the inside of the Moon was still liquid many millions of years ago), and partly due to meteor impacts later.





What is the Linne Crater mystery?

There is recorded evidence of a crater named Linne estimated to be about 10 km across and about 300 m deep. The last record of Linne was in 1843. However, an observation in 1866 revealed that there was virtually no evidence of Linne. Between 1843 and 1866, Linne had apparently just vanished. No satisfactory explanation is available.