The general perception is that civil services and media are the domain of humanities, science, medical and engineering students. Commerce students do not opt for these careers.

No, not any longer. There has been a change in the trend. Commerce student can take up anything now. In fact many of my students have gone for mass communication. Even in civil services, you will find good number of commerce students.

In fact, in lighter vein, when parents come to me for advice, as to what their children should study, I ask them in return, what they want their child to be: do they want him to be a film actor, or a politician, a journalist, a professor, a businessman or chairperson of a company. And I add, whatever career choice the child makes, he should equip himself to get admission to SRCC. Because I can name the best actors, best politicians, best police officers who have graduated from here. So name a field, and we have churned out the best in that field.

If the students are good, they can excel in any area. Now many doors are open, except that a commerce student cannot be a professor of physics or an engineer or a doctor. Barring that, you can be anything.


Picture Credit : Google