Satellites and Space Travel





What is a space shuttle?

A space shuttle is a reusable spacecraft that can carry heavy payloads of upto 30 tonnes. It is launched like a rocket along with fuel and oxygen tanks. After launching, the tanks are jettisoned and splashdown to Earth. The space shuttle remains in space to complete its mission and there after comes back to Earth and lands like an aircraft on a runway.









What is a hyper plane?

A hyper plane takes off like a jet plane, with only fuel and without any oxygen of board. But once it is airborne, it draws oxygen from the atmosphere to fill its onboard oxygen tanks. Once the oxygen tanks are full, the hyper plane can travel into space like a rocket. A hyper plane is less hyper plane can travel into space like a rocket or space shuttle since it carries no oxygen during launching and is therefore lighter.

Which organization in India is developing a hyper plane?

Bharat Dynamics Ltd., a defense undertaking in Hyderabad.







What are artificial satellites?

Modern technology has enabled man to launch man-made artificial objects from the Earth and them in orbit. Such objects are called artificial satellites.

What are nodes with reference to the orbit of artificial satellites?

The inclination of an Earth orbit is measured by the angle formed by the orbital plane of the satellite with that of the Equatorial plane. Nodes are the points of inter-section between the orbit and the equatorial plane of the Earth.



What are the functions of an artificial satellite?

An artificial satellite is an outpost in space and can be used for communication, navigation, meteorology, remote sensing of Earth resources, astronomy, military applications etc.

How is a satellite useful as an astronomical tool?

A satellite can be equipped with telescopes and instruments for carrying out astronomical observations. Observations from satellites are better than those made on the Earth since the distortions due to the Earth’s atmosphere are eliminated.