My mother told outsiders about my personal life

I read your column in THE TEENAGER TODAY and I realized that I could really count on you for advice. To be honest, my life recently has been like a rollercoaster ride. I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but it’s true. I am a 15-year-old in Std X, and for me, my family has been giving me a headache and not my studies! I have realized that my mom has turned a hypocrite; I know I shouldn’t say this because she’ my mom, but it’s a fact. Recently, my coaching class had a parent-teacher meeting and my mom Googled everything about me! It was about my male friends, my boyfriends and everything! Why did she have to announce to outsiders about my personal life; why? Plus she has been pressing me to pursue a career I’m not a very studious student but also not the one who’s having supplementaries. I realized that all this is pushing me towards depression. I could seriously use your help.

You write that you have problem with your family, especially with your mother, because at a parent-teacher meeting she told them everything about your personal life including your male friends and boyfriends. Besides that, she is pressing you to pursue a career you are not interested in. do your father and other family members share this approach? Do you hare with them your plans for the future and about your friends? The fact that your mother spoke about your male friends at a parent-teacher meeting shows that she is not happy about your friendships. Speak to your father and find out if he approves what your mother said at the meeting; let him and your mother come to some agreement about you and your future. Finally, they should share with you their expectations, giving you a chance to express your personal desires. If there is no open dialogue within family it is not possible to plan your life and live in peace at home.


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