Gold, silver and platinum are special metals. They are used to make necklaces and bracelets. These metals cost a lot of money because they are hard to find. Precious metals are very important because they have other uses – they are even used in space.






Gold was once used as money.

Rare metals are often called precious metals. They are worth a lot of money. Gold is only found in a few rocks, although in some parts of the world, you may be lucky and find a nugget of gold in some river mud! Gold and silver sparkle and shine. Platinum is a beautiful silver-white colour. It is very tough.






Gold is not just for looking good!

Precious metals are not just used for jewellery. Platinum can stand the highest temperatures. Gold reflects heat and light. It is used on spacecraft to protect it from the Sun. Silver conducts electricity and is used in making photographs.





Polishing silver keeps it shiny!

Metals can look shiny, and they can look dull. Most metals need a polish to stay shiny. This is because the gas called oxygen mixes with the metal and makes it look dull. Polishing a metal returns its shiny look.