Is there life on Mars?

Mars is more like Earth than any other planet. It is farther from the sun than Mercury or Venus, so it is not as hot as they are. Its atmosphere is thinner than the air on Earth, but some kinds of living things could survive in it. That’s why some scientists believe that life may once have existed on Mars.

In 1976, two U.S. space probes named Viking 1 and Viking 2 landed on the red planet. Neither of these two probes found any evidence of life.

In 1984, however, a small meteorite was found in Antarctica. A meteorite is a meteoroid that lands on Earth. Scientists believed that this meteorite came from the planet Mars. Material on it seemed similar to substances that come from tiny living things on Earth.

In 2008, the U.S. Phoenix spacecraft landed on Mars and found frozen water near the surface. Water is necessary for life on Earth. Water on Mars could also mean life on Mars has existed or could evolve in the future.

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