Is the Garbage Patch dangerous?

It is for the locals. Sea turtles, fish, and marine mammals choke on the larger pieces. Scientists fear that the plastic will block sunlight from reaching plankton, tiny organisms that form the basis of the ocean’s food chain. If plankton populations plummet, the entire marine ecosystem will suffer.

Over a few decades, humans have managed to dump tons upon tons of garbage into the ocean. Of the most devastating elements of this pollution is that plastics takes thousands of years to decay. As a result, fish and wildlife are becoming intoxicated. Consequently the toxins from the plastics have entered the food chain, threatening human health. In the most polluted places in the ocean, the mass of plastic exceeds the amount of plankton six times over. This is a large piece of evidence that leaves the problem of polluted oceans undeniable. It is upsetting that more of clean up effort is not taking place.


Picture Credit : Google