Who predict the weather?

Weather Watchers

Everyone is a weather watcher, but almost no one knows how hot, how cold, or how wet it will be tomorrow or next week. But meteorologists can predict the weather.

A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the earth’s atmosphere and its weather and climate. Meteorologists are weather watchers or weather forecasters.

How do meteorologists predict the weather? They search for clues. They check the wind’s speed and direction. They record the temperature of the air, the air pressure, and the amount of water in the air.

Meteorologists also gather information from weather satellites in outer space. These satellites circle the earth and photograph clouds and any gathering storms. The pictures are then sent back to the earth.

Information also comes from weather stations on the earth’s surface. A type of radar called Doppler is used to study winds and storms. It can find approaching storms more than 320 kilometres away from the station.

Meteorologists gather weather reports from all over the world. They use this information to draw weather maps. They also use computers to make forecasts. You hear their forecasts every day on television or over the radio. But since the weather changes quickly sometimes, meteorologists usually update their forecasts.

Picture Credit : Google