I want to pursue a career in engineering

I am Std XI student. I have taken PCM and want to pursue a career in engineering. I’m a bit confused between Mechanics and Architecture. I had thought about Architecture since I was 10 years old but I’ve been interested in mechanics since a few months. Please help me with the right choice.

Engineering courses require mainly maths and science skills. But for becoming an architect, aptitude is important. This job requires not only a creative mind (it takes more than just drawing pictures), but also good communication skills as you will interact with many clients. The initial earnings of an architect are not very high, because this is a field where a student has to learn a lot even after finishing the course. They may start with a salary of Rs.40, 000-50,000 a month. But after gaining experience of few years, architects with the right aptitude can earn quite a high income.


Picture Credit : Google