How to take care of your laptops and desktops?

With laptops and desktops working overtime during this pandemic, it becomes necessary to take care of our gadgets to ensure their longevity. When the laptop or desktop is new, we take extra care of it. But as time passes, we tend to ignore basic things such as shutting down the gadget. Now that you are spending more hours at home, invest time in caring for your gadgets and making the best use of them.

Remember to shut down the system

This is the most important rule to follow. Always turn off the system after each use. Don’t let it run for days together, as it can heat up and affect the battery life. Like your body need rest, your system needs it as well.

Update the OS

It might be time consuming, but allow your gadget to update the operating system, whenever necessary, if you are doing something important, then schedule the updates for sometime later when you are relatively free. But remember to update the OS, as this can improve your system’s performance and also ehance its security.

No eating while using the system

Most of us munch on something or eat our food while using the system. This must be avoided at all costs. Crumbs falling on the keyboard, between the keys, can damage its internal parts. It is the same with water or any other liquid.

Pull the plug

Another thing we are all guilty is overcharging our devices. While certain devices come with audio cut-off where they automatically stop charging once optional charge is reached, most devices do not have the same. Avoid overcharging your laptop, as it can heat up the battery and affect is longevity.

Keep system away from heat

Do not expose your system to direct heat or high temperatures because this can damage its parts and most often lead to a thermal shutdowns. If possible, invest in a cooling fan for a laptop if the temperature where you live is usually high.

Clean the system

Periodically clean the system to get rid if all the dust and dirt. While doing so, please remember to use a clean, dry cloth. Moisture of any kind will harm the system.

Install an antivirus

Install a good antivirus that protects your data from viruses. Set your antivirus to run a scan periodically to make sure you track any virus before it does damage.


Picture Credit : Google