How the Sun has Chickenpox?

The sun has Chickenpox!

Have you ever had chickenpox? If you have, you probably remember that parts of your body were covered with spots. Scientists who study the sun say that sometimes it looks as if the sun has chickenpox, too!

But the sun’s dark spots, called sunspots, are not caused by a virus the way chickenpox is. Sunspots are caused by giant storms on the sun’s surface. From Earth, these storms look like dark dots because they are much cooler than the rest of the sun’s blazing hot surface.

Most sunspots start off in pairs and drift apart. Because they are so far away from us, they look small. But just one of these spots is bigger than the whole Earth!

Sunspots do not occur all the time. Sometimes, the sun’s surface is covered with them. Years later, there may be very few. Scientists have learned that they run in cycles of about 11 years.

Picture Credit : Google

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