How does Maui tame the sun?

Maui Tames the Sun

Long ago, when the planet Earth was young, the sun sailed across the sky very fast. No matter how early people got out of bed, they couldn’t get enough work done because the sun would disappear. One evening, Maui told his brothers that he could tame the sun.

Maui asked his brothers to make a rope out of coconut fibres. But the fibres would not hold the sun. Then he had his brothers make a rope out of vines. But the rope would not hold the sun. Finally, Maui’s mother cut her hair and wove it into a net. This time, when the sun zoomed along, the net of hair caught it. Maui told the sun he would let it go if it promised to slow down. The sun agreed, and that is why we have time to work, play, and rest during the day.

Picture Credit : Google

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