How do you put on a play?

What does a world-famous theatre look like? To find out, let’s go to Milan, Italy, to visit La Scala, where some of the most famous operas were first performed. It is a theatre built for a type of play called opera. In Western opera, the actors sing their lines.

What happens at theatres before the opening of a play? The cast has lots to do as it prepares for its big night.

The actors memorize their lines. They also memorize as many lines of the other characters as possible. This helps them to recognize their cues. Cues are the last words spoken by another character before an actor says his or her line.

At the first rehearsal, the director blocks, or plans every movement the actors will make on stage. The director also shows the actors how to move and where to stand.

At dress rehearsal, or the last day of practice, the stagehands set up all the scenery. The actors put on their makeup and costumes. The play manager gets programmes, tickets, and everything else ready for opening night.

On opening night, all the actors practise their lines without scripts. Then they go on stage and perform for the audience.