How do they celebrate Independence Day in Brazil?

Brazilian Independence Day

Pedro’s face grew grim as he read messages that had just come from Portugal, which ruled Brazil. Pedro was the son of Portugal’s king and the leader of Brazil’s people. The messages told him that Portugal refused to listen to Brazil’s pleas to change some harsh new laws.

Pedro threw down the messages and shouted, “Independence or death!” And the fight for independence began that day – September 7, 1822. Less than two years later, Brazil was a free country. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, has a big parade on September 7, when all Brazilians celebrate Independence Day.

On this day several activities held and on vast scale celebrations took place in the capital of Brazil that is Brazilia which include military parades, musical concerts and fireworks in the evening. People do outings, picnics and several outdoor events are performed by them. Let us tell you that Parades generally occur in the morning and fireworks in the evening. Thousands of Brazilians gather in the road on this day and celebrate together.

Picture Credit : Google