How do Stars Explode?

Exploding Stars

In the year 1054, a very bright star suddenly appeared in the sky. It was so bright that it could be seen in the daytime. Then it slowly began to fade away. After a time, it disappeared. What kind of star was this?

The disappearing star was a star that had exploded. Certain kinds of stars can explode. A small star called a white dwarf may suddenly flare up and become much brighter. Such a star is called a nova. After a time, the star’s brightness fades away.

When a very large star called a supergiant begins to die, it explodes, too. This explosion sends a gigantic cloud of glowing gas out into space. This kind of explosion is called a supernova.

A star that becomes a supernova may become a billion times brighter. The bright star seen in the sky in 1054 was a supernova.

Picture Credit : Google

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