How do kids take care of pet animals?

Water buffaloes really do love water. In Asia, people use these huge animals to plough fields and rice paddies. Buffaloes are work animals, not pets. Still, children enjoy caring for them – especially when it’s bath time!

After working hard in the sun, buffaloes need a rest. During the hottest part of the day, children ride them to the nearest lake or river. Here, the buffaloes sink happily into the water. They love to wallow in the soft, cool mud with only their eyes and noses showing. The children splash and swim around while the animals cool off. Then, they give the buffaloes a good scrub. After such a nice break, the buffaloes are ready to go on with the day’s work.

Inuit children in Northern Canada help train sled dogs. At stables in the United Kingdom, children may groom horses. On farms around the world, children feed chickens and ducks.

Do you walk your dog or feed your cat? Do you fill the feeder for the birds outside? If you do, you’re helping animals too.

It’s fun to take care of animals – whether they are work animals, pets, or wildlife near our homes.


Picture Credit : Google