How do Actors make a clown face with makeup?

Making Faces

A clown in baggy trousers with a big red nose runs onstage and waves to the crowd. The crowd is already giggling. Just looking at the clown’s funny face makes people laugh.

Clowns use makeup to create their funny faces. Actors use makeup, too. The audience can see actors’ faces more clearly when the actors wear makeup. Also, makeup can change an actor’s face. For example, dark lines and white hair can make an actor look old. Green makeup can make an actor look sick or ghostly.

Some women wear makeup called cosmetics because they think it makes them look pretty. But clowns and actors use special makeup called grease paint. Grease paints are thick, solid sticks of coloured makeup. When an actor has finished making up, he or she sprinkles the makeup with powder so that the grease paint won’t smear. After the performance, actors wipe off the grease paint with an oily makeup remover.

Picture Credit : Google