How did the Provisional Government perform?

The February Revolution marked the end of the Romanov dynasty, and Tsar Nicholas II had to step down. The parliament then formed the Russian Provisional Government which ruled the country for a brief period. This was not an elected body, and had Prince Lvov as its prime minister.

The Provisional Government did make some efforts to make things right in the trauma-ridden country. It abolished the death penalty and all political offenders in prison and in exile were granted amnesty. It also gave the people civil liberties and put an end to religious and ethnic discrimination.

However, the Provisional Government failed to improve the people’s quality of life, and did not deal with land reforms. Also, there was no effort to end the war; the Provisional Government’s policy was that Russia should continue fighting, honouring its commitments to its allies in World War I. All this made the people more and unhappy with the Provisional Government, and its rule lasted only eight months.

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