How did the ancient Egyptians build pyramids?

Before the invention of pulleys or iron tools, Egyptian work crews relied on strong muscles and even stronger ropes. The blocks were quarried on-site or shipped down the Nile River from across the kingdom. Gangs of workers loaded the blocks on wooden sledges and hauled them across sand moistened with water, which made the sledges slide more easily. The blocks were then hauled up long mud ramps at the rate of one block every two minutes. No one knows how laborers were able to get the 2.5-ton stone blocks from the quarries to the building site. Wheels wouldn’t have been useful on the desert sand and gravel, so they most likely dragged the blocks with wooden sleds and ropes. Some think that workers used quarter-circle wooden sleds that fit around a rectangular block. They attached the sleds to the block, and a crew of about eight men rolled them along the ground, much like rolling a keg of beer. Others say the laborers used wooden rollers.


Picture Credit : Google