Do all whales have teeth?

Some whales have long, tough bristles, called baleen, hanging down inside their mouths, instead of teeth. They don’t chew their food, but sieve it from the water through the baleen.

Amazing! Whales have a thick layer of fat, called blubber under their skins. This keeps them warm in the cold sea. At about 50 centimetres, the bowhead whale has the thickest blubber.

Is it true? A whale uses its blowhole as a nose.

Yes. Like all mammals, whales must breathe air to stay alive. Instead of nostrils, they have a blowhole on top of the head.

What has tiny shellfish on its back?

Some whales have tonnes of tiny shellfish growing on their backs. The shellfish are called barnacles. They need to have a solid surface to glue their shells on to. And rock, ship or passing whale will do.

What’s the difference between whales and dolphins?

Strictly speaking, dolphins are small whales with sharp, pointed teeth for catching food. Dolphins live in seas all over the world. The biggest dolphin is the killer whale.

Picture Credit : Google