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My parents want me to opt for IIT

I am good in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. My parents want me to opt for IIT, but I am thinking about IIM which has been my dream since I was younger. What should I do?

Both IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) and IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) are very prestigious and world famous group of institutions. IIMs offer PG diploma in management, admission for which is through a competitive examination Graduates from any field are eligible to appear for the examination. IITs are famous for offering B.Tech. (Bachelors in Technology), besides offering many other courses including MBAs.

The good news is that you may join both. First go for B.Tech. in IITs. Eligibility is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After completing B.Tech., you may go for post-graduate level management qualification from IIMs. But be prepared for the hard work, as entering into these institutes requires lot of effort, preparation and thorough knowledge.


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I want to know the difference between BBM and B.Com

I’m in Std XI. I want to know the difference between BBM and B.Com – which is a better course and what are the specializations it offers? Which field has more scope as in finance, marketing, human resource, etc? Which are the best colleges in Bangalore that offer BBM/B.Com? What are the aptitude tests that people often speak of as being very difficult to clear? I’m in a fix, please help.

BBM and B.Com. are both undergraduate degree courses and the duration of both is three years. By doing a BBM course, you gain good exposure to the world of business management. You gain a lot of practical experience through your final year project and internship. B.Com, on the other hand, is more theory-oriented and covers a wide array of subjects.

While BBM is more focused on management concepts, B.Com is more about accounts. While the two undergraduate programmes have some similarities in their course content, there is a huge gap in the course fee. B.Com is offered by almost every college in India, but BBM is also becoming very popular. Bangalore University offers both these courses.

Admission to BBM is generally through a competitive test, which is not very difficult. Just go through 10th level maths, English and general knowledge.


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I have a creative mind

I have completed my Std X board exams and will opt for Physics, Chemistry and Maths for the upcoming 11th. I have a creative mind; which field in engineering should I opt for according to this?

Are you creative and imaginative with a special interest in design? Then architecture may be best suited to you. It includes courses on design and aesthetic theory, engineering and technology, arts and grafts. Eligibility is 10+2 with physics, chemistry and mathematics and duration is five years. Admission is through competitive examinations.

Student work is often in the form of drawings and renderings, either through computer-aided design or drafting by hand. They also build physical models and create presentation boards for drawings and graphics.

The work of an architect is varied, challenging and brings alive the creativity in oneself. They not only design a building, but also look at other aspects like how it will be used, what it will cost and how it will be built.


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I come from a small town, Commerce is considered more as a weak subject and many of my fellow mates have been telling me to drop out.

I’m a student of Std XI and I’ve opted for Commerce with Maths. Since I come from a small town, Commerce is considered more as a weak subject and many of my fellow mates have been telling me to drop out. But I don’t like science. I want to know the scope of this field and any five best colleges which I can go to after completing my 12th.

A commerce degree opens up a world of career opportunities: commercial banking, accounting, retail management, real estate, foreign trade, etc.

Then there are courses like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost & Works Accountancy (CWA), Company Secretaryship (CS), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), where having a commerce background is a definite advantage. While chartered accountants are highly valued in Finance & Accountancy related jobs, cost accountants are considered experts in optimizing the cost for better product and service. Company secretaries are quite influential in the decisions regarding financial matters of a company. Chartered financial analysts focus mainly on financial analysis of corporate sector.

If interested in management, you can go for MBA. Students can also go for a course in library science, journalism, travel & tourism, teacher’s training, law various competitive examinations, where the eligibility is graduation. Some of these are: Probationary Officer’s Exam, Civil Services Examinations.


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I am a student of Std X. I am interested in doing further studies after Std X with Biology, but I don’t want to enter the medical line. In which field could I set my career?

Besides the medical field, a study in Biology provides a foundation for various other careers like pharmacist, physical and occupational therapist, medical technologist, college professor and administrator, research scientist, agriculturist, nutritionist, and bio-medical engineer. A growing emphasis on environmental preservation is creating another career path for biologists: conservation, wildlife study and occupational safety.

Large industries that deliver healthcare products seek Biology graduates for manufacturing, marketing and sales positions. With an advanced degree, you may work in management or administration, plan programmes for food and drug testing, direct activities at zoos or botanical gardens or go for applied research. If you have an interest in computers, you may go for Bioinformatics, a field which promises to change the way we diagnose and treat diseases and provide healthcare.


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What are the various career options after doing PCM in 11th other than engineering, medicine and astronomy?

I am a student of Std X. I like studying Maths, Physics and English among other subjects. What are the various career options after doing PCM in 11th other than engineering, medicine and astronomy? I want to join the WBG (World Bank Group). What are the requirements to be an actuary? Is it suitable career option in India?

When you like studying Maths and Physics, then you must follow careers which make use of these subjects. Some of these are engineering, astronomy, banking, insurance and computing. If you want to make English your priority, then creative writing, publishing, translation, etc., will offer you good opportunities.

Actuaries use statistics and probability to plan future risk. The study of actuarial science requires a high aptitude in Mathematics. Eligibility is 10+2 with at least 85% in Mathematics. To enter this field, you will have to clear 15 papers through self-study. For details, visit the Actuarial Society of India, Mumbai. The actuarial profession commands one of the best salary packages around the world. With 5-6 years of experience, a fellow can easily touch a seven-figure salary.

The World Bank Group (WBG) functions as an international organization that fights poverty by offering developmental assistance to middle-income and low-income countries. There are many institutions that aid in its goals to provide assistance.


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