Can we communicate with creatures living in another planet?

 In 1901, a remarkable inventor and scientist called Nicolas Tesla dreamt of communicating with inhabitants of other planets. He even believed that it would be possible to send a signal from Earth to Mars with the same accuracy as messages were being sent by wire from New York to Philadelphia.MIT researchers have taken a step towards Mr. Tesla’s dream by developing a tiny light detector that may allow for super-fast broadband communications over interplanetary distances.In another instance, a pioneering demonstration of communications between NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit and the European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express orbiter succeeded. On February 6, while the Mars Express was flying over the area Spirit was examining, the Orbiter transferred commands from to Earth to the Rover and relayed data from the robotic Explorer back to earth.As far as communicating with creatures on other planets is concerned, we really do not know yet whether life exists in space. Yet, when the space probe Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972, it carried a picture greeting for any intelligent beings that might find it. A plaque on board the Pioneer 10, showed a picture of a man and woman and the sun as the centre of our civilization with 14 radiating lines emitting from it. It also depicted the symbol for the hydrogen atom which is called ‘the universal clock’, and our solar system, with the route of Pioneer marked on it.We do not know whether our message to another planet was ever seen by anyone …but we haven’t got a reply yet to our greeting!