What are the important lunar seas?

The important lunar seas are:

Mare Crisium                        Sea of Crises.

Mare Fecunditatis                 Sea of Fecundity.

Mare Nectairs                        Sea of Nectar.

Mare Tranquillitatis               Sea of Tranquility

Mare Serentitatis                    Sea of Serenity

Mare Frigoris                          Sea of Cold.

Mare Imbrium                         Sea of Showers.

Mare Vaporum                         Sea of Vapors.

Mare Nubium                            Sea of Clouds.

Mare Humorum                         Sea of Humors.



How high are the mountains on the Moon?

Lunar mountains are mainly found in the southern part of the Moon. The highest lunar mountains are higher than the mountains on Earth.

How is the height of lunar mountain measured?

The height of the lunar mountains can be estimated by studying the type of lighting and the shadows cast by the almost mountains at the terminator and mathematically analyzing them.