Name the American spacecraft that went around the Moon in 1966-67.

Five Orbiter spacecrafts were successfully sent around the Moon in 1966-67. They transmitted photographs of the Moon taken from heights of only a few tens of kilometers, including photographs of the far side.







Name the first manned spacecraft to go round the Moon.

Apollo 8 with three crew members became the first manned spacecraft which went round the Moon, in December 1968.








Name the space probe whose findings drastically revised our views of the planet Mars.

The space probe Mariner-3 which went into orbit around Mars photographed Mars in 1971-72 and sent back amazing pictures, including pictures showing a cratered moon-like surface, great volcanoes and even dust storms. It was also established that the atmosphere of Mars was unexpectedly thin and was made up of carbon dioxide rather than oxygen. It also became clear that the polar caps on Mars were probably made up of solidified carbon dioxide and notice.