What is the largest diamond?

Weighing 1.37 pounds (621 gm) and measuring more than four inches (10 cm) long when it was discovered in 1905, the Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever found. It was cut into nine other diamonds, the largest of which has an estimated value of $400 million.

The diamond was then dispatched to England where it would be entrusted to Premier’s London agent, Sigismund Neumann. To ensure the diamond reached its destination safely it was sent to England in an unmarked postal box, while a replica was publicly accompanied by detectives on a steamer from South Africa as a diversion.

The diamond was later bought by the Transvaal government, which had been reconciled with England after the Anglo-Boer war, for £150,000 and presented to King Edward VII as a goodwill gesture on his 66th birthday on November 9, 1907.


Picture Credit : Google