No. The water itself does not travel but only moves up and down -it is energy from wind that is transferred in the form of a wave. The energy is transferred through the water in a circular motion. While waves move like a relay team transferring energy, the water goes round like a roller on a conveyor belt.

The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. However, water does not actually travel in waves. Waves transmit energy, not water, across the ocean and if not obstructed by anything, they have the potential to travel across an entire ocean basin.

Waves are most commonly caused by wind. Wind-driven waves, or surface waves, are created by the friction between wind and surface water. As wind blows across the surface of the ocean or a lake, the continual disturbance creates a wave crest. These types of waves are found globally across the open ocean and along the coast.

Credit: National Ocean Service

Picture Credit : Google 

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