Are snow leopards and clouded leopards related?

      Expect that they both belong to the same family, and that they both are called leopards, there is hardly any resemblance and close relation between a snow leopard and a clouded leopard.

      While both of them are found in parts of Asia, they live in diverse conditions. Mountains areas are the natural habitat of snow leopards. In order to fight the extreme cold, snow leopards grow long fur. Their fur is dark silver in colour with black markings. They move to the lower ground in order to keep warm. In summer, they rest in the shade. They have flat paws, which are designed to carry the weight of their bodies. This helps the leopard to stay steady while walking on snow.

      On the other hand, clouded leopards are mid-sized. They have very long canine teeth, which are only slightly smaller than a lion’s.







Pictures credit: Google