Are pikas members of the rabbit family?

        Pikas are small mammals with short limbs and round bodies that look like rabbits, although they are not rabbits. They look like a combination of rabbit and guinea pig or vole. They are found in mountainous country sides in Asia. One or two species are found in northwest North America too.

       Unlike rabbits, pikas have round ears. They are just about 15 to 25 centimetres long. Most of them do not weigh beyond 350 grams. A pikas species that lives in the Himalayan mountain ranges has large eras. This animal is one of the highest living mammals found at heights of more than 6000 metres.

      Pikas feed on a range of vegetation such as grasses, flowers and young stems.

       They have the habit of storing up their food for winter. During autumn, they pull hay, soft twigs and other food items into their burrows, and eat them during the long cold winter that follows.

Picture Credit : Google