Are chimpanzees social animals?

        All primates live in societies. Much like humans they build up a family, play roles in the community and enjoy each other’s company. Chimpanzees have the most complex life among all the apes.

        A chimpanzee community consists of loose and flexible groups of males and females. Scientists call it ‘fusion and fission’ societies. They live in a fixed home range, led by a dominant male. It is not necessary that the members of a community should stick to it forever. One can leave or join these communities at will. However, all these depend on their reproductive status and the availability of resources.

        Chimpanzees have a complex set of communication mechanisms. Zoologists have observed that, through innumerable facial expressions, body postures, gestures, signs and sounds, these animals can work out how to solve simple problems in the wild and in captivity.

        Chimpanzees seem to be the link between the world of animals and our human world, as they are our closest relatives. The body structure, genes, behavior patterns and intelligence of these animals and their history of evolution suggest that chimpanzees are Man’s cousins!

Picture Credit : Google