Why is the box jellyfish so dangerous?



The box jellyfish can perhaps be regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in the sea because of the deadly venom produced by some species. They dwell in the warm coastal marine waters. The deadliest species is the Chironex fleckeri or the Australian box jellyfish. It is also the largest species among the box jellyfish. The venom is considered deadly because of the toxins that can attack the nervous system, skin and heart. Death is known to occur quickly. Also called sea wasps and marine stingers, the box jellyfish are pale blue and transparent in colour. One look at the marine creature and you will know why it received the unique name. The distinct cube-like shape of their bell is how the name came about. Another interesting fact about box jellyfish is that they are highly advanced when compared to other jellyfish rather than drifting. They have developed the ability to move.

Picture Credit: Google

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