What is the highest temperature of water in Celsius?

The surface ocean temperature in southern Florida soared in July 2023.    

The surface ocean temperature in Manatee Bay, on the southern tip of Florida, hit an unprecedented 38.4°C on July 24. in what is likely a global record for the hottest seawater ever recorded.
Meteorologists say the record is unofficial (it may be disqualified because the area is shallow, contains sea grasses and may be influenced by warm land in the nearby Everglades), but the initial reading on a buoy maintained by the Everglades National Park in Manatee Bay hit 38.4°C (101.1°F).
National Weather Service meteorologist George Rizzuto believes the buoy is accurate, citing other nearby buoys which measured in the 36.7°C and 37.2°C (98°F and 99°F) range.
Scientists are concerned by prolonged hot waters around Florida’s coastline because they are causing coral bleaching and even in some cases deaths.
A recent study lists a 37.6°C sea surface temperature recorded in Kuwait Bay in July 2020-likely now the former world’s hottest seawater.

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