How can I make a career in Geology?

How can I make a career in Geology? Do I have to take Science or Arts to become a geologist? Please give me some highlights about the career of a geologist.

Geology is the science that studies the earth’s history, composition and structure. Geologists examine rocks, minerals, fossil remains of animals and plant life in order to formulate and test theories on natural processes affecting the earth and to explore for mineral resources.

Some geologists teach and conduct research in academic settings; while others are involved in research, exploration, and engineering programmes in the private sector. Most geologists divide their time between field and laboratory work, data analysis, and office duties. Out-of-doors, they collect rock samples and fossils, measuring the strata, and gather other types of information to be used in the preparation of reports and maps. Once the field work is completed, the samples and other data that have been collected are usually taken to the laboratory for more detailed study. Then they write reports and raft maps and diagrams to illustrate the results of their studies. Often, geologic work is good detective work. That’s why it is important to be inquiring, observant, patient and self-motivated.

It can be studied after 10+2 (PCM). Graduate and postgraduate courses in geology are offered by many universities. IIT Kharagpur offers a five-year integrated course in Exploration Geophysics after 10+2.


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