Why would I want to visit Saturn?

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and it is the only planet less dense than water. Saturn is between Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn has 7 rings. Rings are only visible from Earth using a telescope.  Saturn has at least 60 moons and 18 are named. Titan is one of Saturn moons, it has a thick atmosphere, and astronomers think that there may be life on Titan. Saturn is the sixth more important planet on the Solar System. Saturn is one of the biggest planets in the Solar System with Jupiter. Saturn’s rings are made of millions of icy rocks. Saturn is the lightest planet in the Solar System. For many years Saturn was called the ring planet.

Distance from sun: 838,741,509 to 934,237,322 miles (1,349,823,615 to 1,503,509,229 km)

Length of space journey from Earth: 3 years


Picture Credit : Google