Why would I want to visit Mercury?

There are many reasons you may want to visit Mercury. For one, the gravity is about 1/3 of that on Earth, so you can have the same low gravity effect as on the moon. Some phenomena that occurs on Mercury that may be of interest includes magnetic plasma tornadoes cause by conflict between the sun’s radiation and mercury’s magnetic field. Mercury is also the fastest moving planet in the solar system, so you can become the person who traveled the fastest in history. Mercury holds the solar system’s 17th largest mountain, Caloris Montes, and a huge crater called Caloris Basin. Mercury also has a tail that is not visible to the eye, but consists of tiny subatomic particles blown out by the sun.

Distance from the sun: 28,583,702 to 43,382,549 miles 

Length of space journey from Earth: 4 years


Picture Credit : Google