Why won’t my child hold still during diaper changes?

A father walked out of his son’s bedroom shaking his head. “I don’t believe it. He only weighs twenty pounds and I still can’t get him to hold still for a diaper change”. Getting a baby diapered and dressed requires a surprising amount of skill and patience, even though the job is a short one. Young children, who are usually in constant motion, squirm and resist being held down. They’re excited about their world, their interests change constantly, and they want to move and explore. Because they have a hard time putting off any of their urges, even for a moment, they don’t like to lie still.

Distraction can sometimes make your diapering job a little easier. Try putting some toys or interesting playthings nearby and keep handing them to your child. This might occupy him during a quick change. You also can try singing to him or making interesting noises, but most of the time you’ll have to restrain him a bit until you get him changed and dressed. You’ll naturally feel frustrated as he resists and struggles, but just remember that he has a strong drive to assert himself and explore and that’s why he won’t hold still.

Picture Credit : Google