Why were the Punic Wars fought?

          The first Punic War, fought between Rome and Carthage in 264 BC, was the beginning of a long period of fighting known as the Punic Wars.

          Carthage had a large, wealthy kingdom with a brilliant naval force, whereas the Roman Republic had a strong government and powerful military. The Punic wars were, in fact, three bursts of fighting. In the first Punic war, Rome won quite easily.

          The second Punic war took place between 218 and 201 BC. It was the greatest of the three wars. This war is famous for Hannibal’s great march to Italy and passage of the Alps with an army including elephants and a huge number of cavalry. Later, the war was won by Romans.

          The third war was fought when Carthage was recovering economically. Rome felt threatened by this, and declared war. Romans won this war again.