Why was the Roman Army considered as one of the finest in the ancient world?

            The Roman army was the finest in the ancient world. It was made up largely of volunteer soldiers from the time of Augustus Caesar. Soldiers were paid wages and joined up for 20 to 25 years.

            Ordinary soldiers were grouped into units called legions, each made up of about 5000 men. The officer commanding the whole legion was called a legate.

            Legionaries were the elite soldiers who were paid highly, and they were rewarded with gifts once they completed their period of service. The legions were commanded by the senators, except those in Egypt.

            The Roman army used big catapults and wind-up cross-bows. They generally liked to fight on foot and also used cavalry or soldiers on horse against enemies.

            By 200 BC, it was able to challenge many of its rivals in the Mediterranean world.