Why the Ukrainian president is considered a national hero by many?

Zelenskyy is the sixth and current president of Ukraine. Before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was often looked down upon as a comedian turned unlikely politician. But with social media support, he has become the leader Ukraine needed. Zelensky has inspired Ukrainians to fight for their country and the Europeans to view Ukraine as a victim of aggression, which resisted bravely for independence, freedom, and democracy.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy grew up as a native Russian speaker in Kryvyi Rih. Before getting into his acting career, he obtained a degree in law. He pursued comedy and created a production company Kvartal 95, which produced TV shows including the TV series Servant of the People, in which he enacted the role of the Ukrainian president. A political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95. Zelensky announced his candidature in the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election on the evening of 31 December 2018. After winning the election, he announced himself as an anti-establishment and anti-corruption figure.

During its invasion by Russia, more than 90 per cent of Ukrainians supported the decisions of Zelenskyy. His recognition grew across the globe as a wartime leader of Ukraine. He has been the target of more than a dozen assassination attempts during the invasion, but he survived all of them. He made efforts to bring the governments of western nations to isolate Russia. He has made numerous addresses to the legislatures of the EU, U.K, Poland and U.S. On March 27, 2022, Slovakia awarded Zelenskyy with one of the country’s top awards, the State Award of Alexander Dubcek.

Zelenskyy’s decision to remain in the capital, Kyiv, while it was under Russian attack and his family’s decision to stay in Ukraine was a decision which moved many including several European leaders. Appearing on screen during the emergency summit meeting of European Union leaders on February 24, he gave a passionate 10-minute speech that made some reluctant leaders endorse a harsher package of economic sanctions on Russia.

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