Why the lesser whistling is duck much popular?

          Have you ever seen a duck whistling at a high pitch? That will be quite an unexpected spectacle, right? That is what makes the lesser whistling duck, also called the lesser whistling teal, a unique kind of duck.

          This duck is smaller than a spot billed duck and are found on ponds and lakes. They may also inhabit marshlands where they can feed on water plants.

          Lesser whistling ducks nest in the edge of waters, in tree holes or even in old bird nests that belong to kites or crows. Building materials include leaves, rushes, grass or thorny shrubs.

          These ducks are sometimes confused with Fulvous tree ducks because of their habit of perching on open tree branches.

          The lesser whistling duck is a common bird in the low, wetlands of the Indian subcontinent and in islands like Andaman and Nicobar. They are not at all considered a threatened species.