Why the collared scops owl is considered a common owl in India?

            The collared scops owl is a brownish or greyish coloured owl with a broad, sturdy body and conspicuous ears. Its face is whitish or dull yellowish in colour, with orange or brown eyes. There is a visible band around the neck, which is a dull yellowish in colour. These birds make a quiet call. Although they are similar in appearance to oriental scops owls, the difference in the nature of their bird calls helps to distinguish them instantly.

            Collared scops owls prefer living in areas like gardens and cultivations, since they are fond of trees. They roost on branches with thick foliage and in tree holes. Insects, reptiles, small birds and rodents make up their favourite food.

            These birds are very common in India. But sometimes, they exhibit migratory behaviour by flying to Sri Lanka or Malaysia during winters. Apart from India, they are also found in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand.