When an animal has a high concentration off vanabin in the blood it turns yellow. The yellow color is caused by the metal called vanadium which is found in Vanabin proteins. Scientists do not know why animals have these high concentrations of vanabin as it doesn’t help the circulation of oxygen. So that is still to be explored.

Beetles have yellow-ish blood like several other bugs. You might have noticed this whenever big bug splashes again in the front of your car.

Many people don’t realize that insects typically don’t even have blood vessels. Instead, they have a large hole inside the skeleton where all the blood resides.

Sea Cucumbers have yellow blood. Sea Cucumbers are weird animals. They live down at the bottom of the ocean and are very simple animals. They might look like fruit and the name doesn’t make it easier to categorize this as an animal. But it is an animal and is it quite remarkable. They have thousands of tiny feet as you can see at the picture above. It will move slowly at the bottom of the ocean.Again, the reason for the yellow color is found in the proteins of the blood. It has a high concentration of vanabin which has yellow pigment. One of the strangest facts about Sea Cucumbers is that they can change from male to female during their lifetime. It’s not possible to distinguish the males from the females from the exterior anyway.

Credit : Animal how

Picture Credit : Google 

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