Why should we help the homeless?

Your home may be a palace, a flat, a farmhouse, a houseboat, or a mobile home. It is the place where you feel safe, warm, and loved.

But not everyone has a home. Millions of people in the world are homeless. They live in the open and sleep under bridges, in refugee camps, even in open fields.

Sometimes, people lose their homes. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes can wipe out entire neighbourhoods or villages and leave many families homeless.

People also lose their homes when they flee from a war or when they are starving and must find food elsewhere. Some people become homeless because they can’t find work or low-cost place to live.

Children whose families are homeless must sometimes spend their childhood working, rather than playing games or going to school.

Fortunately, many people help the homeless. When there are natural disasters, people and groups from all over the world send money, food, and medical supplies. Governments often help people who must flee a war.

Cities have shelters where people can sleep and be safe. Charities provide meals and warm clothes. Some groups build houses for the homeless, and others offer job training.

Ask a grown-up what you can do to help the homeless in your community.


Picture Credit : Google